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On June 16th, ego assassin will permanently close its production studio and cease taking orders on its website. This is a good thing.

Great ninjas don’t retire. They walk silently into the mist, leaving the world forever changed behind them. We don’t know about the entire world, but after almost 9 years of lubing, learning, cutting, gluing, drafting, designing, selling and shining, we’re pretty sure we’ve left a mark or two on the latex world. It’s certainly changed us in ways we never expected. That is the gift we received from each of you. Now it’s time for us to take that gift and find new worlds to make awesome with it. We can’t wait for you to see them…

In the meantime, you have one last chance to score that extra-special piece of latex goodness that you’ve had your eye on for months (or years!). Until we close down ordering on Monday, June 16th, you can have anything you like at for 20% off. Our last sale. Ever. Don’t miss out.

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