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[New] Lingerie Art: Watercolors by San Sigüenza

I first found these watercolors through Tumblr, and I loved them so much, I asked the artist, San Sigüenza, if we could republish them here on TLA. Thankfully, he said yes, and now you can see them too! 

What do you think? Which do you like the most? 

Image Credits: 

Artwork copyright of San Sigüenza.

Please don’t remove the credits.

We think of lingerie as an artform in and of itself.

Latex Night @ Oasis Aqualounge:

On Tuesday April 29th, Oasis Aqualounge has teamed up with Ego Assassin-our sponsor for this sexy event! Visit their website to view their designs, workshops and more!

Ego Assassin are providing gorgeous models in stunning outfits who will be handing out delicious cupcakes. Guests who arrive in latex attire will be provided with a complimentary drink ticket.

Doors open at 8:00pm and welcome single men, women and couples.

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